CFM - office building equipment operations and maintenance

CFM building Services: office building equipment operations and maintenance

Our many years of experience and expertise span a variety of disciplines, including complete facilities operations and maintenance (O&M), contract and asset management, logistics supply and support, water and wastewater O&M, electrical systems and equipment O&M, emergency services, and more. We are a national brand with current and former clients in the Midwest, West, Northeast, North, Southeast, Southwest and Southern markets. Our broad suite of services typically will provide all management, supervision, personnel, tools, equipment, supplies, material, transportation, and other items and services necessary to ensure that mechanical operations, maintenance (O&M), janitorial and related services are performed in a manner that maintains a satisfactory facility condition; presents a professional appearance; and complies with applicable laws, regulations, standards, and best commercial practices.

Experienced Management Support Team
  • Firm understanding of critical management requirement
  • Highly experienced employees and teaming partners to support the GSA
  • Highly experienced with NCMMS.
  • Top notch Contract Project Manager to lead Management Organization
State-of-the Industry Program Management Plans and Protocols
  • Effetive planning and  execution of all PBWS work and technical directions
  • Timely monitoring and control to prevent problems and maintain schedules
  • State-of-the-art, web-based suite for real time reporting/stakeholder transparency.
Professionaly planned, Resources and Executed Transition
  • Minimal disruption to on going work and critical activities
  • Successfull, recent, relevant experience orchestrating acceleration transition equals proven low risk approach.
Enterprise Reach
  • Successful support of competency and projects
  • Proven ability to succeed using capability-aligned teams
  • Comprehensive and proven techniques to achieve stakeholder alignment on high visibility efforts/systems.
Customer Focus
  • Responsive recruitment and workforce development
  • Established approach to in doctrinating mission focus at all employee levels
  • Proven support for the mission, constraints and opportunities to minimize risk and ensure stakeholder satisfaction
Corporate Depth and Breadth
  • Highly qualified personnel with both technical knowledge and direct GSA experience supporting all PBWS aspects
  • Company "reach back" for-in-depth expertise across all areas of the PBWS
  • Demonstrated surge capability.
Workforce Stability
  • Proven, effective staffing and process and approach for program management and operations support
  • Employee retention rate that exceeds industry average
  • Successful, experience small business.
  • High percentage of proposed workforce.